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One Armed Wonder- New Hott Dress Trend!

I don’t exactly get it… Keep one arm warm and the other one cold? I’m not sure I can exactly follow this trend. It seems to me like a cheap way for the manufacturer to save money on materials. It’s an incomplete dress. I did various google attempts to find the origin of this new [...]

Pirate Boot-y

What’s a Pirate without her Boots? A barefoot sliver infected wench! It’s not a joke, it’s a serious concern. If there’s one thing I know in this’s pirates. Pirates are hot all year round. If you got the peg leg balls to pull off this style I salute you. Mark my words, with the [...]

Going Green with Gauze

After looking through a few of the top womens magazines for the latest hot styles and trends, I’ve discovered a common denominator: gauze. The new summer style is light earthy colors and loose fitting canvas/gauze fabrics. It reminds me of a resort vacation in Mexico. The fabric looks clean, rich, and natural. With the constant [...]